Information for reviewers


Dear Reviewers,

We inform reviewers who decline to become reviewers, we will automatically consider them to become reviewers again. JIKA only give one opportunity to become a reviewer, if you decline then we assume you are not willing to become a reviewer at JIKA.

Thank You


Information to all authors, in order to improve the quality of articles on JIKA, please pay attention before submitting:
1. Pay attention to the JIKA guidelines first. Those who do not conform to the guidelines will be rejected by the editor.
2. Include research ethics and ethical statements when submitting. Writers who do not include them in full are likely to have the editor reject them.
3. For turnitin, JIKA will do it before entering copyediting to prevent plagiarism, so the author doesn't need to check turnitin himself.
4. Bibliography of at least 15 (last 10 years).
5. Articles that have novelty are preferred.
6. Please confirm via WA provided after submitting for fast response.


Information articles in 2022

Rejected 56%; Accepted 44%

Information articles in 2023

Rejected 72%; Accepted 28%